Total Cancer Treatment with the Breuss Method

This method of cure appeared due to Rudolf Breuss, an Austrian doctor born in 1899, who directed his attention into finding an alternative, more mild treatment of cancer and other incurable diseases.

He showed that tumors anywhere in the body develop, grow and are fed by the consumption of protein. Therefore, a period of 42 days without being fed protein is considered time enough for the body to absorb the tumor while the patient is fed only with sugar free teas, fruit juices and green herbs. Thus cancer disappears by starvation and is subsequently absorbed by the body or the body eliminates it through one way or another.

More than 45,000 people testified that this total cancer treatment helped them to better understand and cure their diseases.

At the age of 80 doctor Breuss was sued by the Austrian Medical College who considered this treatment too simple and too cheap to get results. He was acquitted when the defense lawyer, a former cancer patient cured by Breuss, presented a lists of cancer patients who all attested therapy success with his Total Cancer Treatment. Even Rudolf Kirchschlaeger, the president of Austria at that time, intervened for him and played a significant role in his acquittal.

Doctor Breuss viewed Tumor as a formation of distorted cells, which occurs by pressure or long time irritation. Cancer is more difficult to cure when consuming solid foods, and in particular animal protein. Therefore, during this treatment only vegetable juices and teas are allowed. Doctor Breuss recommended a mixture of juices prepared as follows: 300 ml beetroot juice, 100 ml carrot juice, 100 ml juice of celery bulb, 50 ml juice of black radish and the juice of a small potato. Potatoes can be replaced by a cold tea of potato peels.

Teas allowed during fasting in this total cancer treatment:

  • sage tea – mouth wash with infusion prepared with hot water, but do not boil it because the plant loses its essential oils; for drinking the boiling time is 3 minutes, no more and no less, because at 3 minutes the enzymes necessary to nodes and spinal cord are being released. May be combined with rattle, mint and lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)
    • tea for the kidneys – infusion (not boil) the mixture: 40 percent horse tail, nettle 30 percent, 20 percent knot weed, 10 percent rattle, leave 10 minutes in hot water then filter, add more water to the grounds and boil; filter it again, and then mix the two teas( consume this only for 3 weeks).
    • Geranium robertianum tea (infusion) – this tea is a mandatory treatment requirement in any form of cancer, especially after irradiation.

As I have mentioned before, during this treatment patients are strictly forbidden to ingest anything for 42 days, except the recommended vegetable juices and teas.

Juices used in cancer treatment should be perfectly natural, preferably prepared at home. Consume only juice, without pulp because this is considered solid food. If the tea of potato peels doesn't taste good, you can stop drinking it because that means that the liver does not need it. It is preferable not to drink more than 1 / 2 liters of juice per day. Drink slowly, using a teaspoon and then swallow. It is not allowed to consume only juice and no tea and it's not advisable to suddenly switch to such a regime. It takes several days for the body to adjust to this treatment.

The regime begins in the morning with drinking slowly, half a cup of cold tea for the kidneys. After 30-60 minutes you can have 1-2 cups of sage tea with rattle, mint and lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) .The tea for the kidneys is to drink every lunch and every evening, and the other types of tea as many times as one desires. Juices are not to drink more than one sip every half an hour and it is advisable not to exceed 1 / 2 l / per day.

After this total cancer treatment, do not suddenly return to a diet that includes solid food but return to your normal regime gradually.

As improbable as it may seem doctor Breuss controversial work in total cancer treatment gains more popularity and support each day from people all around the world who testify of having healed incurable diseases after following his cure.

However, before you decide to try this cure yourself I would strongly advise you to check with your doctor first for contraindications that might appear in your case and read all of Breuss studies to find particular treatment recommendations for each type of cancer or disease.

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