Colon Cancer: A Successful Journey

I’ll never forget the call that came on that blustery January evening in 1978. I came home from work to an empty house and had just started to get some dinner. “Evelyn? This is Tyler Community Hospital’s second floor nurses’ station. Your mother is here.” “She is? What’s wrong?” I asked. “Can you come right […]

Online Support for Dealing with Breast Cancer

Finding out a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, or suffering from the loss of a loved one to breast cancer, are excruciatingly difficult things to deal with. It’s important to know that there are other people out there who have gone through and are going through the exact same thing. Talking to […]

When a Close Friend Gets Cancer

When a close friend gets cancer you likely will feel like I did, pretty much helpless. Perhaps you will wish that you were an MD so you could have a better handle on what has happened and what is likely to happen next. You wish you had that kind of expertise that can provide mind […]

CBD Oil for Cancer –Myths and Truths

CBD definition Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the cannabinoids of the hemp plant. It is gaining popularity as we speak in the world of natural medicine, as it seems like it offers many benefits to the organism. Although there are still debates about the subject, some specialists propose using CBD in treating cancer. Although […]

My Experience with Thyroid Cancer

All of us have low points in our lives. Times of tribulation that we often think what did we do to deserve this? How much more can we take? Will there ever be an end to this misery? Where is that light at the end of the tunnel that everyone keeps harping about?Yes, all of […]

Heal Your Cancers, Don't Treat Them

In the village of Wapya, Taunggyi, North Eastern Burma, they heal cancers, they don't treat them. For the native Pao who live here, any sore, cut or wound is a cancer. And because they heal them successfully, cancers are taken as a routine part of life. Wouldn't you like to rid your mother of her […]

Is Prostate Cancer Survivable?

If your doctor tells you that you have prostate cancer, it is extremely devastating. It used to be that when someone was diagnosed with any type of cancer it seemed to be a death sentence, and many times that was indeed the case. In 1994 the Food and Drug Administration approved the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) […]

Treatment of Breast Cancer

Once the diagnosis of breast cancer is established, the choice of initial treatment depends upon the stage or extent of disease. The treatment of breast cancer must be individualized and is based upon several factors Step 1 Treatment of Early stage breast cancer: Early stage breast cancer includes stage I (tumor size 2 cm or […]

Guide to a Breast Cancer Pathology Report

You will find the follwoing sections on your pathology reports. They may have different headings. The first section contains your personal information. The next section contains the diagnosis made by the pathologist based on the specimens submitted by your doctor. The specimens are listed in the order in which your doctor submitted them. The description […]

Ten "Power Foods" for Fighting Cancer

It's devastating news. Cancer. The very word can cause fear in the strongest of people. We all know someone who has dealt with (or is dealing with) some form of cancer. It knows no race, gender, or economic class. Even those who survive are changed by it. Many people I spoke to about battling cancer […]