CBD Oil for Cancer –Myths and Truths

CBD definition Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the cannabinoids of the hemp plant. It is gaining popularity as we speak in the world of natural medicine, as it seems like it offers many benefits to the organism. Although there are still debates about the subject, some specialists propose using CBD in treating cancer. Although […]

Ten "Power Foods" for Fighting Cancer

It's devastating news. Cancer. The very word can cause fear in the strongest of people. We all know someone who has dealt with (or is dealing with) some form of cancer. It knows no race, gender, or economic class. Even those who survive are changed by it. Many people I spoke to about battling cancer […]

Crohn’s & Colon Cancer: Prevention

Crohn’s patients know, or should know, that they are at higher risk for developing colon cancer than the general population – they are about 5 times more likely to get colon cancer, in fact. But they should also recognize that less than 10% of Crohn’s patients will develop colon cancer in their lifetimes. That leads […]

How to Prevent Breast Cancer

The one cancer that women fear most is breast cancer, but fortunately the latest research reveals there are several ways to help protect yourself. I'm not talking about self-exams and mammograms but ways to actually lower your risk of getting breast cancer. Here are six habits that experts say can help keep breasts healthy. Be […]

Total Cancer Treatment with the Breuss Method

This method of cure appeared due to Rudolf Breuss, an Austrian doctor born in 1899, who directed his attention into finding an alternative, more mild treatment of cancer and other incurable diseases. He showed that tumors anywhere in the body develop, grow and are fed by the consumption of protein. Therefore, a period of 42 […]