When a Close Friend Gets Cancer

When a close friend gets cancer you likely will feel like I did, pretty much helpless. Perhaps you will wish that you were an MD so you could have a better handle on what has happened and what is likely to happen next. You wish you had that kind of expertise that can provide mind […]

Elder Parent Care and Brain Cancer Radiation Therapy

When we hear of brain tumors, we often lump all these into the same category. In actuality, there are two very different types of brain tumors, called either the "primary" or the "metastatic." A primary brain tumor is one that starts in the head, and can be either cancerous or non cancerous. The metastatic brain […]

How to Organize a Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative in the Workplace

Even though October is the nation's official Breast Cancer Awareness Month, increasing public awareness and improving community networks need not wait until the Fall. With a variety of breast cancer awareness programs in place around the country, many corporations and companies are taking advantage of the potential of employee groups and initiatives to raise funds […]

Vulvar Cancer – The Call That Changed My Life

At my annual gynecologist visit, my new doctor said there was a small area of irregular cells of which she would like to take a sample to send to the lab. She was not alarmed and reminded me that I had never had a history of any problems. “This might be nothing to worry about. […]

Farrah Fawcett Fights Cancer with "A Wing and a Prayer"

Everybody's favorite Angel, Farrah Fawcett continues to battle cancer after being released from the hospital on April 9th 2009. Her friend and producer Craig Nevius told CNN that "Farrah was surrounded by family and friends" during her hospitalization and has " a real iron will and is a fighter." People magazine confirmed that Fawcett was […]

Benefit of Yoga for Cancer Patients

Yoga has many different benefits for anyone who is practicing it. It has been proven to have benefits for sleep, relaxation, back pain and more. Yoga can be able to lower one’s blood pressure and help one deal with stressful situations. For me personally, yoga has been able to help with anxiety and panic attacks […]