CBD Oil for Cancer –Myths and Truths

CBD definition Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the cannabinoids of the hemp plant. It is gaining popularity as we speak in the world of natural medicine, as it seems like it offers many benefits to the organism. Although there are still debates about the subject, some specialists propose using CBD in treating cancer. Although […]

Treatment of Breast Cancer

Once the diagnosis of breast cancer is established, the choice of initial treatment depends upon the stage or extent of disease. The treatment of breast cancer must be individualized and is based upon several factors Step 1 Treatment of Early stage breast cancer: Early stage breast cancer includes stage I (tumor size 2 cm or […]

Tips for Coping with Prostate Cancer

The biopsy results have come back, and they confirm your worst fears – you have prostate cancer. Chances are that you are feeling a little overwhelmed by your diagnosis, by your emotions, and by questions about what to do next. Unless you are a health care professional, you probably have a great many questions about […]

Benefits of Joining in Breast Cancer Online Support Groups

Breast cancer is a deadly disease today. It claims the lives of around 40,000 women per year in the US alone. Breast cancer is a type of cancer, which originates from breast cells. This is a common invasive cancer among females worldwide. Compared to developing countries, the breast cancer rate is very high in developed […]

How to Organize a Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative in the Workplace

Even though October is the nation's official Breast Cancer Awareness Month, increasing public awareness and improving community networks need not wait until the Fall. With a variety of breast cancer awareness programs in place around the country, many corporations and companies are taking advantage of the potential of employee groups and initiatives to raise funds […]

Does Breast Milk Kill Cancer Cells?

Could the cure for cancer be found in breast milk? According to Swedish researchers at the Lund, University in Gottenburg, Sweden, breast milk contains a compound that can kill cancer cells. This compound called HAMLET is short for Human Alpha-Lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor Cells – and is a fatty acid and protein combination that's […]

Benefit of Yoga for Cancer Patients

Yoga has many different benefits for anyone who is practicing it. It has been proven to have benefits for sleep, relaxation, back pain and more. Yoga can be able to lower one’s blood pressure and help one deal with stressful situations. For me personally, yoga has been able to help with anxiety and panic attacks […]

Telling Your Child He or She Has Cancer

Children are in an innocent period of their lives. For most people, having to tell their child they have cancer is not an issue. Approximately 1 in 330 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of twenty. For many of these, it falls to the child's parents to explain what cancer is and […]