How to Pack for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

You've raised the money. You've done your practice walks. You booked your hotel for Event Eve. Now all you need to do is pack! But what do you really need to lug around with you for the walk?

When I prepare for the Avon Walk I think about two bags. One is a rolling duffel bag where I keep all of my "gear." The other one is my fanny pack. I hate that word. I even hate the idea of wearing one. But while it's not entirely stylish, it's full of function on this amazing weekend. Some people wear backpacks instead, but I find it too hot and uncomfortable, personally. Whether you choose a fanny pack or a backpack, be sure to do your practice walks wearing what you will wear to the event. The same goes for everything you will put on your body that day. There is nothing worse than new items to blister or chafe you during the actual event!

In my fanny pack I place a change of socks. I place the socks in a plastic bag in case there is a surprise rain. I also place a rain poncho, just in case. I pack some SPF lip gloss. I pack my insurance card, a credit card, and a small amount of money "just in case." I pack hand sanitizer in case the rest stops will run out of it. I use a fanny pack with two drink holders. Hydration will be the most important thing you do all weekend! I also pack any medications I might need during the day (like Tylenol).

In my rolling duffel bag I pack my clothes for the walk. I choose clothes that will wick away moisture. I have found the days warm and the nights freezing when I participate in New York. As a result, I pack extra warm clothes for the evening, including gloves. I pack 3 pairs of socks per day of the walk. I pack a hat so my scalp doesn't get burned when I walk. I pack a mylar blanket just in case. I pack my sleeping bag and my foam cushion for under my sleeping bag in my duffel. You could attach them to the outside, but, it's not advised as they might get lost. Plus, metal fasteners are banned, because they don't want crew members to be injured on your bags. My sleeping bag and mat go into a garbage bag to keep them dry in case there is a downpour or my bag finds its way into a puddle. My clothes and my sneakers all go into large Ziplock bags for the same reason. I put my clothes together and mark the bags "day 1 clothes," "night 1 clothes" and "day 2 clothes." This way I'm not searching in a dark tent around a large duffel bag for a pair of underwear.

As far as toiletries, Avon has always given me a large bag of them, so I don't bother to bring my own for most things. Avon has always given me deodorant, but, I prefer my own, so I bring that. I bring my toothbrush and toothpaste. I bring a towel to dry off with. I bring a brush for my hair. I bring any medications I might need. I bring a pair of flip flops or crocs to wear in the shower. I prefer a high SPF sunscreen, so I bring my own. Avon does provide you with SPF 15 sunscreen with bug repellent in it, however.

If you have all of these items, you should be good to go! Enjoy your amazing weekend!

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