Farrah Fawcett Fights Cancer with "A Wing and a Prayer"

Everybody's favorite Angel, Farrah Fawcett continues to battle cancer after being released from the hospital on April 9th 2009. Her friend and producer Craig Nevius told CNN that "Farrah was surrounded by family and friends" during her hospitalization and has " a real iron will and is a fighter." People magazine confirmed that Fawcett was suffering from internal bleeding. Despite being separated since 1997 after dating since 1980 it has been Fawcett's longtime companion, Ryan O'neal who has been by Fawcett's side as she endures the battles of cancer and all the ailments that it brings.

Not even their break-up or separation could keep O'neal from being their for Fawcett as she has experienced difficulties within the last few years. In a 2005 feature with Texas' H magazine, Fawcett revealed to writer, Warner Roberts that the home that she had resided in for twenty six years had been dismantled by an earthquake. Her sister Diane Fawcett had been diagnosed with Lung Cancer and sadly passed away in 2001. The loss was followed by the unprepared death of her mother in which Fawcett later revealed that she was thankful for her "mother teaching her to look for and find the good in people."

Fawcett announced her own fight with cancer in 2006 but a year later posted that her cancer had gone into remission. Unfortunately the cancer reappeared and Fawcett became frustrated with the setback and began researching alternative methods to treat the rare anal cancer in Germany. Fawcett filmed her travels to Frankfurt at the University Clinic in her documentary, "A wing and a Prayer which is co-produced by Nevius and chronicles her life living and surviving with cancer. Nevius said that despite her struggle,"Fawcett has vowed to use her celebrity for good and be a crusader, giving hope to cancer victims."

Fawcett splashed into television as a model and actress, filming commercials for toothpaste and shampoos. After posing in a red one-piece swimsuit in 1976, Fawcett immediately became a print and television favorite. With an admirable figure and her trend-setting hairstyle, Fawcett's swimsuit shot sold more then 12 million copies. Soon after the blond bombshell graced the covers of Playboy setting another record in magazine sales. Fawcett's clever acting talents landed her roles on "I Dream of Jeannie," "The Partridge Family," and the "Six Million Dollar Man." Producer, Arron Spelling was so taken aback by her beauty, humor, and popularity that he casted her on the hit show, Charlie's Angels that became an American television classic. More then just a desirable sex symbol, Fawcett was a complete package and had brains beyond her beauty. The Charlie's Angel star had attended the University of Texas, studying microbiology but later switching her major to Art.

In "A Wing and a Prayer," Fawcett explained how all her trials helped shape her outlook on what was important in life and strengthened her commitment to doing great things with her fame. Fawcett became very selective in her roles and projects as she wanted her work to reflect where she was at at that point in her life. Her persistence and truly genuine passion to offer hope to not only cancer patients but victims of domestic violence took her on a three and a half year project producing a made for television film: "The Burning Bed" which earned her an Emmy nomination. Roberts revealed that the film "garnered rave reviews and broke a ten year record for an unprecedented 42 shares in ratings. It was also the first film to provide a 1-800 number to victims." Fawcett explained that although she was proud of all her work she was most proud of the impact of "The Burning Bed."

In "A Wing and a Prayer," Fawcett expressed her displeasure with incorrect tabloid reports about her health saying, "If I could disappear and be left alone and not be in the business that will be okay with me."
In a court appearance last week, ABC news stated that Fawcett's son, Ryan O'neal revealed that his mother was barely weighing 86 pounds as she continues her fight for survival. Nevius told CNN that, "She (Farrah) is an icon and you don't become an icon by being weak. Despite her setbacks Farrah has hope and she hopes others will continue to hold on to theirs." Fawcett hopes to televise " A wing and a Prayer" soon. Like an angel that fell out of the sky, despite her own personal bouts- Fawcett's selfless priority is helping save other people's lives. Her publicist states that Fawcett will continue her crusade to help find a cure for cancer as well as educate others about possible alternative methods to help heal all patients.

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