Heal Your Cancers, Don't Treat Them

In the village of Wapya, Taunggyi, North Eastern Burma, they heal cancers, they don't treat them. For the native Pao who live here, any sore, cut or wound is a cancer. And because they heal them successfully, cancers are taken as a routine part of life. Wouldn't you like to rid your mother of her […]

Breast Cancer Screening

Many women wonder at what age they should start screening for breast cancer, and what types of breast cancer screening are the most efficient and effective. Unfortunately there are no easy answers to these questions, but medical professionals do agree on certain guidelines that all women should know. Screening for cancer means looking for cancer […]

Is Prostate Cancer Survivable?

If your doctor tells you that you have prostate cancer, it is extremely devastating. It used to be that when someone was diagnosed with any type of cancer it seemed to be a death sentence, and many times that was indeed the case. In 1994 the Food and Drug Administration approved the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) […]