Elder Parent Care and Brain Cancer Radiation Therapy

When we hear of brain tumors, we often lump all these into the same category. In actuality, there are two very different types of brain tumors, called either the "primary" or the "metastatic." A primary brain tumor is one that starts in the head, and can be either cancerous or non cancerous. The metastatic brain […]

How is Cervical Cancer Diagnosed?

Diagnosing cervical cancer is the first step in treating in women who have the disease. The pap smear is the most common test used in the diagnosis of cervical cancer and is able to detect cervical cancer approximately 95% of the time. This test is also used to detect precancerous cervical conditions. Those who are […]

How to Pack for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

You've raised the money. You've done your practice walks. You booked your hotel for Event Eve. Now all you need to do is pack! But what do you really need to lug around with you for the walk? When I prepare for the Avon Walk I think about two bags. One is a rolling duffel […]