A Guide to Online Breast Cancer Support Groups

A breast cancer diagnosis is a life-altering event that can be extremely isolating to the patient. Support and guidance are critical in the fight against breast cancer. While a patient's cancer team is vital in the fight, online support groups can be extremely beneficial during this time. Patients can use online breast cancer support groups […]

Close Encounters with Lymph Cancer

The lucky dog that I am, the saga of my brush with cancer underscores this humbling realization. It brought me close to people whom I would have never known the way I did. It all started when a small skin outgrowth, that I had lived with for more than fifteen years, started growing. It was […]

My Experience with Prostate Cancer

At 59, I had just retired. We moved to Florida, bought a nice house on the water, bought a boat and settled down for the good life. One day, my wife said that she had found a doctor who would be our primary physician. She made an appointment for an initial visit. During my examination, […]

The Cancer of Crooked Capitalism

Francis Fukuyama wrote 'The End of History and The Last Man' in the early nineties. Many in the Western world assumed that it not only meant that the legitimacy of liberal democracy had ended the quest for the perfect government, it also meant that capitalism as practiced by the free world was the best form […]