A Curative Cancer Treatment

I have composed a 100% valid curative cancer treatment as noted by two professors of microbiology from two different universities. I remember when I was in high school and Dolly the sheep was the first cloned mammal. Cloning will be important when the curative genetic vectors are created to target specific cancer cell types using my curative cancer treatment process. My curative genetic vectors will induce natural cell death called apoptosis to make the cancer cells die, and then be naturally flushed from the body. My curative treatment process would work as different curative vectors are created to cure each specific type of cancer and then cloned as needed to be applied or distributed. Of course it would only cost less than $15,000 to initially create a curative genetic vector for a specific type of cancer using my curative cancer treatment. Then it would also only need to be applied to patients, through their blood stream between one and four times to actually kill and flush the specific type of cancer cells that are being treated with the curative vector from the body. So, curative cancer treatment would actually only cost a total of less than $5,000 per patient being treated, as cloning is relatively cheap once a curative cancer treatment vector is created for a specific cancer type.

The facts noted above are likely the reason that I have had so much trouble trying to get politicians and medical agencies around the world to begin curing cancer rather than just continuing to treat cancer until patients either die or their immune system realizes that the cancer cells are hurting the body and the cancer begins to recede. Even surgery is not guaranteed to cure cancer, but will initially remove it from the body. Most cancer treatments including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, angiogenesis inhibitory therapy, photodynamic therapy, and other current medical cancer therapies require multiple visits that cost patients more money with each visit.

After sending my curative cancer treatment book, "A Curative Cancer Treatment", to medical agencies around the world and sending a free copy code with instructions on how to obtain it to federal political offices of all, but about seventeen countries of the world. I am convinced that the governments and medical agencies around the world do not really want to cure cancer, even though they may say otherwise. They make too much money from treating the disease to truly want a cure. It is unfortunate that capitalism has overtaken humanity in that sense. Once curative cancer treatment genetic vectors are created for each type of cancer, many cancer treatment specialists' jobs would be lost and a multi-billion dollar a year cancer treatment industry would be gone; reduced to a multi-million dollar a year industry globally.

Still humanity must realize that a medical curative cancer treatment does exist. It simply needs to be composed in medical microbiological laboratories. My genetic vector of choice appears to microbiologists as impractical at first since the vector normally only targets one specific type of cell in the human body. Although, the genetic vector does contain the gene needed to be modified to target any cell after a target cell sample has been done to specifically reprogram the vector to target the alternate cell type. It also contains the right genes to be modified to induce apoptosis in any cell, as well as genes that can be modified to limit the number of times that the vector can reproduce by itself to make sure that the vector dies after inducing apoptosis in one or two targeted cancer cells. This insures that the vector induces cell death in cancer cells then also dies after killing a certain number of cancer cells to make sure that the vector does not continue to reproduce after cancer cells have all been killed, having been flushed from the body. This is why a curative treatment may take a few visits, but likely only a few to insure that the curative genetic vector is under control as it dies after infecting a specific low number of cancer cells. I hope humanity can wake up to end the pain caused by cancer as opposed to continuing to make money from treating the disease. I hope that capitalistic greed does not rule the world and humanity can truly be motivated to end the pain caused by all cancer types.

My book, "A Curative Cancer Treatment", and all of my efforts to spread the word that a cure for cancer now exists, is available at www.scientist4u.us on the "A Curative Cancer Treatment" page.

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